Our Wines

Kalós Wines were created to pay tribute to Calixto, the Losada family's grandfather. That is why the family decided to use his lifetime stories as a source of inspiration for the names of the wines. The name "Calixto" is of Greek origin and comes from the word "Kalós," which means "something of great beauty." This is how Malbec Gran Reserva Kalós Cru was born, a wine inspired by Calixto's elegance, attractiveness and lingering memories. 59 NOVIAS evokes the 59 girlfriends that he boasted of having during his youth. Malbec Clásico 59N brings them all together, as it is sourced from the best grapes of Maipú and Altamira. YOLI by Kalós pays tribute to Calixto’s wife, Yolanda, the heart of the family. Yolanda was the one, the woman with whom grandfather Calixto spent his whole life and raised his family. A reserve blend that interprets her: strong, kind and unique.

Kalós Cru

  • Varietal Composition: 100% Malbec
  • Vineyard Location: Altamira, San Carlos, Mendoza, at an altitude of 1150 masl (3772 fasl)
  • Soil: rocky, alluvial with lime in small areas
  • Age of the Vineyard: 20 years
  • Harvest Date: between the second and third week of April. Grapes are placed in 15-17 kilo plastic boxes.
  • Maceration Method: 5-day cold prefermentative maceration at 8 °C
  • Total Maceration Time: around 20 days
  • Fermentation Temperature: 28 °C
  • Oak Aging: 18 months
  • Barrel Types: French and American
  • Number of Bottles: 5400
  • Aging: 10 years
  • Alcohol Content: 14,6

An intensely red wine with violet hues. Its aromas are reminiscent of red fruits, blackberries, cassis and plums with a delicate, well-integrated touch of vanilla and chocolate. Round and velvety in the mouth, with sweet, ripe tannins, good volume and a long, elegant finish. A wine of remarkable complexity, typically contributed by grapes from high-altitude vineyards.